Wisdom Tooth Warning Signs and Removal


When wisdom tooth doesn’t get proper space for eruption up to the gum line because of lack of space, obstruction or abnormal position tooth may partially remain embedded or completely embedded into the jaw, this condition is called impacted wisdom tooth.

The incidence of impacted wisdom teeth is high with some 72% people aged 20 to 30 years having at least one impacted the third molar.



Side Effects of Not Removing Diseased Tooth.

When wisdom teeth partially rupture, they leave an open gum flap where food can get stuck underneath and cause pain, swelling, infection and may destroy adjacent teeth and bone. These infections are very difficult to clean and can even affect the jawbone. This is one of the biggest reasons why wisdom teeth are pulled out, as a preventative measure to avoid future issues.


Home Care After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

A patient gets nervous at the thought of wisdom tooth extraction. However, the process is done very quickly and requires no effort from the patient. It is afterward when great care is needed to keep the site clean and free from infection. Whenever any surgery is done the first thing we want is to let it heal properly, quickly and smoothly.  The first week of recovery is a critical time when patients are most prone to complications.



  1. Bleeding- Expect some bleeding, and keep a gauze pad over the extraction site for 30 minutes after surgery. Another alternative is to use a moistened tea bag for the same amount of time. The tannic acid in the tea contracts the bleeding vessels, which helps the blood clot set.
  2. Swelling- Apply ice packs to the outside of your mouth intermittently (20 minutes on,     20 minutes off) for up to two days to minimize swelling, bruising or any discomfort.
  3. Mouth Care-  Limit eating, drinking and talking for the first two hours following surgery, and plan to rest for the remainder of the day. After 12 hours, you can gently rinse with a diluted mouthwash or a salt water rinse. Carefully brush your teeth the night of the surgery, but avoid the surgical area as best you can.
  4. Diet – After the bleeding stops, drink lots of cold fluids to keep hydrated.  To avoid dislodging the blood clot, the AGD warns against drinking carbonated beverages and eating foods like popcorn, peanuts, and pasta that may leave particles in your socket. 
  5. Warm Saline Rinses – The main aim of rinsing is to clean the area of extraction as it is not possible to brush the socket. Rinsing is usually advised 12 hours after extraction. So, warm saline rinses help in cleaning and maintaining the hygiene of that area.


  1. Smoking should be avoided for 48 hours. Chemicals in smoke can delay the healing process and can lead to complications like a dry socket.
  2. Avoid having solid food after extraction. After tooth extraction has soft and liquid diets like soups, milkshakes, smoothies.
  3. Avoid sucking of any type- Smoking, Sipping, Eating hard vegetables.


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